APS Security Bollards & Security Maintenance




APS provide a range of security systems, for physical and infrastructure security, and for advanced monitoring and surveillance solutions.

Security Solutions

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Physical Security
and Detection

Secure fencing, gates, traffic control bollards and other perimeter security and personnel control assets

Monitoring and
Data Acquisition

Advanced surveillance and detection solutions, ground and air based, maritime, radar and software applications

Our story

APS Aegis specialises in Physical and Perimeter Security Equipment and Security Installations. A comprehensive range of Vehicle and Personnel Access Control products suitable for a wide range of applications – High Security, Military, Commercial and Banking through to controlling City Centre Vehicle Access and Parking Control.

APS Provides high security monitoring and data acquisition systems using the latest technology Drones/UAV’s and Fibre Optics systems for pipelines and boundaries, and State of the art Maritime Monitoring and Detection systems

Advanced Technology Solutions