Surveillance Solutions


Where do you need to go?

See Options Remote and Terrain Security, Infrastructure Surveillance and Security, Maritime Security, Public Safety, Emergency Response and Drone Detection & Airspace Security
See OptionsMobile Command and Control, Data Analysis & Advanced Operational Command and Control Systems, Detection and Tracking systems
See OptionsUAV Systems, Zodiac RHIB, Hovercraft, Lidar, Specialist and Prototype Robotic Systems for Land, Sea and Air

What we do

APS Aegis specialises in Securing Critical Physical Infrastructure.

APS provides high security detection, monitoring and data acquisition systems using the latest technology and systems providing real time data into state of the art Command and Control systems.

Protection and Monitoring of: Airspace, Buildings, Facilities, Land, Remote areas, Borders, Property, Ports, Offshore installations, Perimeters.

Terrain Dominance System


Providing autonomous and turnkey surveillance solutions that deliver actionable intelligence and situational awareness in real-time, from critical infrastructure to the most difficult and remote locations. We utilize smart sensors to provide continuous day and night aerial, all-terrain, and marine, surveillance solutions.

Command and control security systems provide real time information and data acquisition, turning real time data into knowledge and knowledge into action.

Advanced Surveillance Technologies

Our solutions are option based integration of drones (UAV), tethered drones, mobile command centres, automated drone operations, technology, long range cameras, infrared cameras radar, low light cameras, sensors,3d mapping, Lidar, robotics, recognition software, secure communications, non-lethal deterrents, data analytics, record and playback, artificial intelligence, diver detection sonar or echo finder, automatic identification systems, hovercraft and unmanned surface vehicles (USV)