Physical Security




APS Aegis specialises in Physical and Perimeter Security Equipment and Security Installations.
A comprehensive range of Vehicle and Personnel Access Control products suitable for a wide range of applications – High Security, Military, Commercial and Banking through to controlling City Centre Vehicle Access and Parking Control.
APS Provides high security monitoring and data acquisition systems using the latest technology Drones/UAV’s and Fibre Optics systems for pipelines and boundaries, and State of the art Maritime Monitoring and Detection systems

Security Products

APS Aegis use many years of experience in the security industry to provide effective security systems ranging from physical protection through our state of the art Automatic Security Bollards to Car Park Control – defending from Criminal Threats, Unauthorised Access or Terrorist Attack. Our Security Maintenance contracts provide you with peace of mind for the long term.

Perimeter Security

APS design and supply Secure Perimeter Protection Products and Systems, which can deter and stop intrusion into protected areas, whether that be Private Accommodation, Commercial Premises or a Military complex.

The inclusion of Movement and Vibration Detection systems, LED Perimeter Lighting, CCTV combined with Infra–red and Micro wave technologies allow us to provide customised systems to meet the wide range of requirements and performance parameters required by our Clients.

We also provide systems or products which can perform in areas where reliability of power supply can be an issue, achieved through the introduction of Solar Power and Power Back-up technologies.

Access Control

The inclusion of automated systems using equipment such as Bollards, Road Blockers, and Barriers, Certified to the latest crash rated standards such as BS IWA14 which exceed the previous US PAS 68, K12 and K4 standards. When combined with our extensive range of Sliding gates, Bi-folding ‘Speed’ gates, Telescopic gates, Tyre Killer systems, and other complimentary Traffic Control systems, including Under Vehicle Checking Systems and CCTV, allows us to provide our Clients with an unrivalled capability to install whatever level of security control is required – whether that be traffic control to a car park, or a military grade system.
Operation can be by direct manual control, through to fully automated systems, which can use Biometrics, ALPR, Card or Proximity systems.

Intruder Detection

Detection is important in establishing and operating a Secure Perimeter System.

Automated long distance detection of an approaching threat, whether direct or by stealth can be monitored so providing plenty of warning.

Detection at or beyond the perimeter is very effective using modern ‘intelligent’ technologies. These systems can be ‘stand-alone’ or integrated to operate automatically with other associated systems such as underground sensors, drones, infra-red and radar techniques.

Verification techniques using Biometrics, ALPR for vehicle checking, plus Under Vehicle Scanning Systems UVSS are now establish and easy to operate. Some or all of these techniques can be utilised to provide the level of security relevant to the location and operational requirements.

Maritime Security & Surveillance

Providing Maritime Security, whether at sea or monitoring a port, is an essential part of day to day marine operations.

Intruder detection whether Air, Surface or Underwater can now be provided by the use of state of the art technology.

Real time surveillance 24/7 with automated warning.

Security Maintenance

APS provides a comprehensive Maintenance and Support Capability for their own and other elite security products and systems by utilising skilled, trained and experienced engineers to keep your systems operating effectively.

Whether Government, Corporate, Commercial or Private sector customers their security systems are kept fully operational through our scheduled security maintenance contracts and effective reactive maintenance services.

APS are approved security maintenance contractors for City of London, MITIE, Interserve, Bosch, NHS, BBC and various local authorities.Security Maintenance Providers

Approved supplier to the United Nations and the City of London

APS Aegis Security Bollards, Security Gates, Barriers, Road Blockers, Turnstiles, Traffic Control and Intruder Detection Systems provide proven solutions for Security and Access Control for Greater London, South-East England and the UK. APS Aegis is based in the UK but provides equipment and services to locations around the world. Our Staff and Distributors are available to advise, install, maintain and provide training as required.