Bi-fold Gate

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Bi-fold gates, also referred to as Speed gates, quick fold gates and fast gates are available to suit aperture widths of up to 7.0m. They operate at a speed of 1m per second, and are fully compatible with any access control system.

The gate leaves are fully welded steel hollow sections with infill bars at 120mm (max) centres.

The mounting brackets for the drive units are welded to the top of the hanging posts, and the drive units are protected by a stainless steel cover. The drive units have 3 phase 230/400V, 50Hz motors and worm drive gearboxes which are equipped with proximity switches to stop the gate leaves in both the open and closed positions.

The Automatic Bi-fold Gate

The gate leaf is operated by an articulated arm which may be disengaged in the event of a power failure to allow manual gate operation. A key switch for open and close operation and an emergency stop button are mounted on the hanging post. A fully programmable control panel is equipped with inverters to provide soft start and stop functions, together with a speed control.

The standard fail safe safety system is self activating consisting of rubber buffers on the gate leaf leading edges, and on the horizontal bottom gate beams. The electronic detectors ensure that accidental contact will immediately stop and reverse the gate. Rotating warning lights can also be added to the top of the drive posts to indicate when the gates are in motion. Twin photo-cell beams are also provided for low/high vehicle protection.

One of the hanging posts contains the electrical control gear behind a weatherproof lockable door.