Alligator Teeth


APS Alligator Teeth are ideal for traffic flow enforcement in one way systems such as car parks, hospitals, commercial, industrial and military sites. They are effective against all types of vehicles with high volume traffic flow.

Alligator TeethAlligator teeth use solid steel blocks as the moving part which extends longevity while the rubber end stops ensure quiet smooth operation. Each tooth is 80mm wide, the blocks which rotate to 115mm high are 50mm wide and angled against reverse flow traffic.

The Alligator Teeth units are arranged in a single line across the road with 150mm spacing. A support frame and 100mm drainage ducts are supplied with the system which is set into concrete. Rubber end stops, high-performance grease retentive bushes, stainless steel axles and an all welded assembly ensure that Alligator Teeth provide a low-maintenance solution.

Suggested Quantities to Suit Varying Road Widths.
Road Width Quantity of Plates
2.5m 6*
3.0m 12
3.6m 14
4.0m 12*
4.5m 14*
5.0m 16*
6.0m 26
7.0m 30
9.0m 38