Predator Traffic Flow Management


Available in three tooth profiles suitable for different applications.

Rounded – Car park flow management where pedestrian traffic is possible
Blunt – Strict traffic flow management applications
Sharp – Security applications where tyre damage is required

Predator units are an effective one–way traffic control product, improved with the traffic calming effect of a speed ramp. Comprised of a simple and reliable, vehicle operated mechanical system they are quick and easy to install onto concrete and most asphalt road surfaces with no excavation required.

The Predator units are available in 1m and 0.5m lengths – single units can be joined together to form the road width coverage that is needed. Longer lengths can also be supplied to meet specific requirements. The teeth are of a spring return type including a separate sprung control system to allow the angle of the teeth to move, so that the optimal angle of attack is available for the type of vehicle being targeted.

Units are finished in powder coated yellow with galvanised teeth and rotating mechanism to provide a long life. Alternate colours are available to order.
The Predator can be provided with a 250mm long sloping end-unit attached as an alternative to the standard square-end. Tyre spikes are not included in the end unit.

The tyre-killer unit is supplied in two parts – a base unit which is secured to the road surface and a cover plate which hides the base plate road fixings. The plate is easily replaceable if required. The Predator Tyre Killer can be provided with a lock-down feature allowing temporary two-way traffic control. The Predator is designed to meet British Highway Agency axle loading requirements.

Tyre Killer BarrierThe standard fixing method is by bolt down to concrete, for good-quality asphalt a construction adhesive can be used. Where the asphalt/ tarmac road is damaged a concrete strip can be constructed across the paving to which the units can be bolted.

Alternate product names include: Traffic Spike, Tyre Killers, Tyre Stinger, Tyre Deflators, Spike Strip, Tyre Ripper, Tyre Shredder, Tyre Spike and One-way Traffic Spikes.