Data Analysis & Advanced Operational Command and Control System



NiDAR is an advanced long range surveillance system protecting coastal and land-based critical infrastructure from air, surface and underwater approaches.


NiDAR delivers enhanced, long range situational awareness by integrating multiple sensor and data feeds to generate a 360° perimeter security shield around an asset.

Smart software algorithms developed by MARSS autonomously and intelligently detect, classify and respond to multiple air, surface and underwater objects determining potential threat levels and triggering alerts.


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The NiDAR multi-touch Command & Control interface presents a clear situational awareness picture to operators within a control room, or remotely via smart devices, aiding decision making and rapid response.




NiDAR integrates with ruggedised tablets and head mounted displays to deliver critical operational information and a real-time surveillance picture to operators on the move aiding object tracking and interception.


Medium Range Surveillance: RADiRguard

RADiRguard provides an intelligent medium range gap filler along fences and areas not visible by long range surveillance. Each self-contained RADiRguard unit combines built-in radar, CCTV, IR & Radio Frequency monitoring, plus intelligent threat detection and classification in an area of 400x100m per RADiRguard unit. RADiRguard is seamless integrated in the NiDAR situation awareness picture.


  • Powered by proprietary software, NiDAR is an autonomous and reliable system utilising advanced algorithms and pattern recognition to deliver a seamless 360° situational awareness picture
  • Multi air, surface and underwater object detection and tracking up to 20km above and 1.5km below the surface
  • Intuitive NiDAR multi-touch command and control (C2) interface with customisable alarm zones and automated deployment of counter-measures
  • Robust, stand alone, modular & scalable system with high availability and reliability. Flexible to specific location or configuration
  • Minimal user training and supervision with low maintenance and ease of installation with new or legacy hardware


NiDAR is sensor agnostic seamlessly integrating with a wide range of third party and legacy systems and hardware.


Tech Specs

  • Server OS: Linux
  • User console OS: Linux, Windows, Mac
  • Encryption: AES-256 (configurable)
  • Hardware: Commercial off the shelf (COTS) components
  • Environmental: IP67 and extended temperature (-20 to +70C)
  • Export: Free of any export control restrictions (eg ITAR)


Mobile Drone Command – Mobile Deploy

Mobile Drone Command – There are many applications for the use of drones—law enforcement, border security, wildfire monitoring, environmental conservation, humanitarian relief, search and rescue, and more.

For Police, Search and Rescue (SAR), Firefighter and Security services Mobile Command, enables more precise situation assessment, decision making and effective management of first responder teams, providing more efficient resolution of a disaster situation.

We have introduced Mobile Drone Command, an unmanned aerial system (UAS) mobile drone command and control vehicle for public safety, media broadcast, surveillance, security, patrol, emergency management and inspection operations.



In 2017 we set out to design and engineer a UAS command and control vehicle that would become a new standard in the unmanned surveillance industry.

Mobile Command integrates streaming technology for live video acquisition, management and distribution over the Internet. UAV applications include TV broadcasts, industrial inspections and law-enforcement, search and rescue and security operations.

Mobile Drone Command enables users to pilot an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAS) equipped with optical or thermal cameras from inside the vehicle. Mobile Drone Command hybrid bonded cellular technology enables live video captured by the UAV to be transmitted to any place in the world

Mission Critical

These integrated features make Mobile Drone Command an important solution in mission critical situations where reliable capture and secure transmission of live video is required.

Mobile Drone Command provides users with on-scene, rapid deployment functionality that allows for high definition aerial actionable intelligence, with Mobile Drone Command’s state-of the-art video transmission capabilities, video can be analyzed in the field, and shared real time.

Mobile Command’s potential use for aiding first responders and relief organizations during natural disasters, the command and control vehicle can launch a UAV within minutes upon arriving on site. Low-altitude aerial analysis and video can be transmitted to rescue teams to guide their efforts while minimizing risk.


Mobile Command makes it easy for UAS teams to schedule, plan and account for their mission, equipment, maintenance and reporting requirements.

Mobile Command ‘s layout and equipment system, including a pair of HD monitors a Smart control board. We the customized the solution based on upon each client’s needs and are built into a range of different vehicular platforms.

Epiphany Operations works as an enhancement of traditional physical security systems or as a stand alone solution. Our solutions are available through equipment purchase and lease, adding your personnel trained by us, as autonomous solutions or as fully turnkey systems.