Wetlands Security

Wetlands Security Patrol – Surface and Air

Wetlands Security Patrol, finally a surveillance solution for regions that are almost impossible to monitor. Due to inland waterways, wetlands, Lilly paddy, swamps and mud, most monitoring systems are either unable to operate or are far less capable in these areas.

Consequently, Noice has developed a solution for securing large amphibious landscapes.

As a result, exploiting a drone’s ability to tirelessly loiter for hours at a time is an important part of our solution. Hence a tethered with hovercraft, a wide-area camera is a mobile solution capable of capturing a visual record of everything below that moves or changes over time.


Wetlands Security Patrol – Integration

The Wetlands Security Patrol solution is effective because it is a unique integration Land Based Surveillance Ops also integrates multi rotor drones, fixed winged UAV tethered drones, zoom cameras, infrared cameras, infrared radar, low light, cameras, sensors, sonar, radar, 3d mapping, robotics, recognition software, secure communications, non-lethal deterrents, data analytics and artificial intelligence to provide complete situational awareness.

As a result, the solution can operate in mostly inaccessible high-risk security areas, remote borders, oil pipelines, rivers, bridges, shoreline, island clusters, construction sites or strategic infrastructure.

Wetlands Security Patrol delivers actionable intelligence from remote locations; hence you quickly respond or engage from the surface or from the air. Rather than a traditional surveillance system, fixed cameras, security guards or barriers alone, we offer a continuous and persistent mobile security solution.

As a result, you have increased visibility, therefore heightened awareness, while augmenting the ability to respond quickly to any alert, incident or intrusion.

Wetlands Security Patrol operates amphibiously, over mud, riverbeds, shallow water/tidal regions, flooded land, rapids, shingle beaches, open water, grass, sand, desert, swamps, marshland, prairie, wetland, meadow, bogs, bayou, shore, weeds, submerged plants, snow, ice, shallow lakes, dried up salt marshes, rice paddy, sandbanks, roads, any surface. Without leaving a footprint on wild life or ecology.

Epiphany Operations works as an enhancement of traditional physical security systems or as a stand alone solution. Our solutions are available through equipment purchase and lease, adding your personnel trained by us, as autonomous solutions or as fully turnkey systems.