Multirotor UAV – StealthRotor

Multirotor UAV – 10 Km Range

Multirotor UAV – Our multi rotor drone provides you with a system suitable for a range of applications, from surveillance and mapping to SAR and law enforcement.

Our compact and lightweight systems, helps you meet your payload requirements.

Low cost StealthUAV solutions can meet your budget requirements and are superior as compare to Low power systems.

Our UAV maximize flight time and include plug and play hook up to make integration quick and easy


Multirotor UAV – Specifications

Multirotor UAV – StealthRotor RPAS Type VTOL multirotor UAV using long-range RC Control and Mission Planner ground control software.

RPA Structure
Carbon fiber boom configuration with carbon fiber center plate

RPA Composition
Solid 4 part boom with center frame

RPA Dimensions/measurements and mass together with drawings
Max take-off weight: 3.0kg 580mm diagonal motor to motor

Weight: 3.0kg


Multirotor UAV – Payloads (Specific or generic)

EO Zoom Camera or Thermal imaging camera. Other electronic detection payloads can be fitted to the multirotor

Use of Frequencies
C2 link utilities 433Mhz. Primary control utilizes 2.4 GHz

Remote Pilot Station
Mission Planner running on windows based pc/notebook

Ground Support Equipment
All equipment and spares are contained in the RPS vehicle. This includes the following equipment:
– Battery Charger
– Telemetry Radio
– Weather Station
– Fire Fighting Equipment
– Full suite of spares
– Tools
– Generator
– Electrical supply

Flight Recovery System
Multirotor UAV VTOL takeoff and landing


StealthRotor – Performance Characteristics

Maximum Altitude
Maximum altitude is unknown. CAA Limited to 500m AGL

Maximum Endurance
40 – 50 Minutes wind dependent

Maximum Range

Propulsion System
Brushless Motor. 1 x 10000mah Li-Po Battery


Multirotor UAV Capabilities

RPA Performance Limitations
Not operable in rain or hail.

Required Take-off and Landing Distances and/or area Capable of landing on grass / veld, dirt road and tar.
Take Off & Landing: +- 10m (Square)

Type: Pixhawk
Manufacturer: 3D Robotics

Navigation System
ST Micro L3GD20 3-axis 16-bit gyroscope
ST Micro LSM303D 3-axis 14-bit accelerometer / magnetometer Invensense MPU 6000 3-axis accelerometer / gyroscope
MEAS MS5611 barometer 3DR u-blox GPS

Sensors and/or telemetry
Telemetry limitations is +- 20km

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