Tethered UAV – SealthTether

Tethered UAV – SealthTether

Tethered UAV – StealthTether solutions are critical asset for security operations. The continuous and global aerial view enables long, risk-free and efficient surveillance for both night and day use.

Using tethered UAV as a virtual ‘Surveillance Tower’ is a simple and efficient solution for semi-persistent applications, with a serious cost advantage over helicopters or manned aircraft.

UAVs can be tethered to a vehicles for mobile long-term operations in order to cover a large area, remote areas, inland waterways, islands and swamps, for several hours. Compact, lightweight and quick to deploy for a single operator, tethered UAVs make little noise from a high position, ensuring discreet surveillance.

StealthTether – tethered UAV systems are best suited for police forces, public safety operations, firefighting, crisis monitoring or military operations.


Tethered UAV – Applications

StealthTether systems are powered from the ground through our patented micro-tether, connected drones are able to fly for hours, allowing long duration surveillance operations, for day and night missions.

Thanks to the micro-tether, communications are secure, immune to interference and enable real-time high-speed data transmission.

StealthTether – tethered UAV’ are robust and easily transportable, our tethered drones systems are designed for the field. Quick to use and deploy, it is the simplest and most effective solution for persistent aerial surveillance.

StealthTether – tethered UAV systems are best suited for police forces, public safety operations, firefighting, crisis monitoring or military operations


Tethered UAV Specification

The StealthTether self-contained, reactive spool tethered UAV systems designed to work with the StealthRotor UAV, but also works any commercially available, off-the-shelf drone. Our systems include proprietary power management circuitry. Drones powered by our ground-based tethers can remain aloft as long as power (generator, household current or battery) is conveyed through the tether.


Small and light enough to be transported in the trunk of a vehicle
Deployable and retrievable from a stationary vehicle in a matter of seconds
Once Deployed, the system requires no operator – Automated flight systems keep the UAV stable and hovering above the ground power station




StealthTether power tether is compatible with the StealthRotor UAV or almost any Multi-Copter UAS

  • Unlimited flight duration
  • Powers most UAS by replacing the OEM battery with the Blue Vigil Replacement Module (BRM)
  • Set it and forget it – once deployed the integrated flight control system will keep the multi-copter in hover over the ground power station
  • 1500W of ground power for unlimited hover
  • BRM circuity provides up to 2500W of peak power and onboard emergency backup power
  • Input 110vor 220AC

Add your own action camera to the ground power station. Throughout the drone flight duration you can:

  • Stream video
  • Pan and zoom


  • Powered by an AC outlet (100v or 220v) or a 12v automotive system
  • Unlimited flight duration
  • Designed to carry your own camera system
  • Maximum altitude of 330 feet (100m)
  • No potential airspace conflict or risk of flyaway

Epiphany Operations works as an enhancement of traditional physical security systems or as a stand alone solution. Our solutions are available through equipment purchase and lease, adding your personnel trained by us, as autonomous solutions or as fully turnkey systems.