VTOL Fixed Wing UAV – Long Range

VTOL Fixed Wing UAV – 8 Hour Flight Time

VTOL Fixed Wing UAV (as opposed to ‘multi-rotor’, i.e. helicopters) use a wing like a normal airplane to provide the lift rather than vertical lift rotors. Because of this they only need to use energy to move forward, not hold themselves up in the air, so are much more efficient.

For this reason they are able to cover longer distances, map much larger areas, and loiter for long times monitoring their point of interest. In addition to the greater efficiency, it is also possible to use gas engines as their power source, and with the greater energy density of fuel many fixed-wing UAVs can stay aloft for 16 hours or more.

The main downside of a fixed-wing aircraft is obviously their inability to hover in one spot, which rules them out for any general aerial photography work. This also makes launching and landing them a lot trickier, as depending on their size you can need a runway or catapult launcher to get them into the air, and either a runway, parachute or net to recover them safely again at the end. Only the smallest fixed-wing drones are suitable for hand launch and ‘belly landing’ in an open field.




VTOL Fixed wing UAV The StealthRanger was designed for long range surveillance and reconnaissance. The key objective with the StealthRanger was to offer a highly capable, reliable and affordable commercial VTOL (vertical take-off and land) aircraft, which one could actually purchase and use every day, unlike the majority of similar systems, available only to military at high price points.

The StealthRanger VTOL fixed wing UAV is made from the highest-grade materials, to the highest standards, using unique propitiatory techniques. A highly advanced aerodynamic design allows for low stall speeds, efficient cruise with very low drag, excellent stability and an incredibly low weight at only 5.6kg for the entire airframe.


VTOL Fixed Wing UAV

The StealthRanger airframe is completely modular and can be rapidly deployed from in the case to in the air in under 10 minutes with only two operators required, this along with zero need for a runway or heavy and expensive catapult systems, provides a quicker and safer operation, anywhere, any time.

The StealthRanger VTOL fixed wing UAV is designed as a hybrid system allowing for a combination of multirotor flight and traditional fixed wing flight, providing the best of both aircraft types, the practicality of multirotor flight for take-off and landing, with the efficiency, range and endurance of a fixed wing aircraft.

The incorporation of VTOL technology into the fixed wing system allows the StealthRanger to take-off and land in confined spaces in a very short time offering a massive advantage over traditional systems as well as a lower impact and stress on the aircraft with long term use, usually associated with catapult launchers and hard and unpredictable parachute landings.

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